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Motel Blackout
I always enjoy my sales trips. The trips fit into my crossdressing lifestyle and the thrill of being in a different town and different people. After a long day on the road, I had just checked into a motel just about 30-miles outside of Nashville, TN. For my overnight trips, I always bring my special suitcase that has my “girly stuff” (panties, dresses, makeup, lingerie, etc.). Sometimes I would just dress up pretty and cam or play with myself. On a very few occasions I would run into a very horny stranger, tease him, but not put out and be satisfied knowing that poor guy was back in is roo... Read full Story
Dirty little restroom Chaturbate modelslut. Part 2
As I left the stall I was grabbed by the arm by my friend, he winked at me knowing that I wanted to tease them all, I pulled the hem of my skirt showing off my cute panties. The two bigger guys who were in the restroom came over to me, they both towered over me they unzipped their pan Chaturbatereleasing two huge members, I gasped as I saw the size of their dicks, I moved towards them, their big hands pulling at my clothes, my two friends Andy & Tony started to undress me. I stood in the restroom in my underwear surrounded by big men all of their cocks were growing into12'' monsters, I s... Read full Story
Dirty little restroom Chaturbate modelslut. Part 1
Hello I'm a very convincing Chaturbate model22 but told I look like I should be in school. 5'4'', 80lbs, short blonde hair, tiny titties & a tiny boi clit 3'' hard. Dressed in a tight white stretchy lace top, red suede micro mini skirt, over the knee white socks with red stripes, chunky trainers, matching red lacy hot pan Chaturbate& spor Chaturbatebra. I had been out for a drink with 2 guys who have been planning on getting me out alone with them. I was bursting for a piss so they stopped the car at some shitty dive of a rest stop, the girls bathroom was out of order so I heade... Read full Story
Big cock Webcam girlfrom Pune, India
I just saw her profile on Planet Romeo, her name is ID is Kaynat / Muskan. I saw her photos and got attracted to her. I am always a big fan and lover of Shemales or TS. I called her and fixed appointment by negotiating with her for 2500 INR. I went to meet her, she stays in a condominium in a small condo. I called her and she directed me with wing and flat no. floor etc. I pushed bell and she opened door hidden behind it. As soon as door was closed i saw her and instantly go a big hard on and her beauty made me crazy. She lead me to the bedroom, where a TV was on with romantic so... Read full Story
Pune crossdresser Night Girl
Hi friends, I hope you liked my earlier stories. This is my new story about a lady boy / crossdresser / sissy boy. Around 2 years back I came across a profile on Planet Romeo with name Nightgirl. I sent her message that i found her sexy and attracted to her and wanna meet her. I am always crazy for Webcam girland sissy. I negotiated with her on her charges and took her address and went to meet her on weekend. she stays on rent in a small apartment. She opened the door and I was spellbound. she was so beautiful. she is around 5.7 tall, fair and smooth. sweet smile, absolutely gi... Read full Story
Nancy the hot and sexy Chaturbatein Pattaya
Hi this is Ris, this is my third story. Well Last year I went to Thailand on lone trip. I went directly to pattaya and had rest and went to Walking Street in the evening. Was visiting many nude bars, ChaturbateBars, dance bars. but while walking on the street one particular girl catch my attention. she was tall, beautiful, sharp features, hazel eyes and red lips. I felt like giving her complemen Chaturbatefor her beauty, so i went near her and told her that "Hey I just came to tell you that you are most beautiful female i saw on the earth". She smiled and said thanks. She insisted me to sit... Read full Story
Sucking cocks, a curiosity Part 2
One night, I got horny and decided to use my dildo. Not for any ass play, just to satisfy my blowjob curiosity. Anyway. I started watching some blowjob videos. My cock was getting hard. So I grabbed the dildo with my left hand and started stroking it as I stroked my cock with my right hand. I was getting really horny. So I took the dildo and started licking the tip of it. I'm kissing and licking the head of it as my cock ge Chaturbateharder. Then, I slowly shove the dildo in my mouth. I'm sucking it up and down, getting so turned on. I lick the shaft down to the balls. I wanted to suck the b... Read full Story
Sucking cock, a curiosity. Part 1
I've been a straight man since forever. I've also been into sex and porn since I was young. And my fetishes always involved ti Chaturbateand big asses. Any kind of tit play turned me on. Still does. When I was 14, I saw a porno and watched tittyfucking for the first time. It turned me on so much, my cock got hard before I could whip it out and start stroking. And then, I started getting turned on by watching BJs. I never knew why. Anyway, I've recently admitted to myself that I love cocks. At first, it was a curiosity of mine because I started masturbating to Webcam girlporn. But I've... Read full Story
My weekend with Nicole
So I believe I last left off about how me and Nicole started dating and let me say it was some of the best sex I've ever had but there is one particular time I could share. So after about 2 months of dating I was basically staying almost exclusively at her place. So the first weekend I stayed when went out to dinner, I got up to go to the bathroom and right as I'm done she walks in the door and says "suck my dick in the stall, it will look funny if anyone walks in looks under and sees a guy on his knees in front of someone in heels" she was excited obviously and I�... Read full Story
Tabitha at 19
Tabitha’s home from her freshman year of college. She’s gone off to California to a screamingly liberal school and I’m sure she’s been making new friends, learning new things, opening her horizons and fucking safely. After I popped her cherry and we had a very discreet summer of me teaching her a lot and her teaching me a bit, too, off she went. My admonition was that she play and be free to experiment but always safely. She was my little bareback bunny and I didn’t want her to ruin her life or mine with a nasty bug. We kept in touch with phone calls. I test, email, Skype and all the other won... Read full Story
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